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AdvancedHealthSupport (AHS) is a multi-products affiliate online shopping hub for food/drug supplements; healthy living products and family financial programs!

AHS collaborate with accredited manufacturers and companies in direct distributorship of mostly organic, and genuine supplementary health products.

We are also in partnership with Topez Farms Limited, to establish and sustain a food supplychain between consumers and organized local farmers. Quality is our watchword!

Our mandate is to promote the wellbeing of Africans, particularly Nigerians.

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Sensitiv Imago, the Bioresonance equipment

Sensitiv Imago is considered the medicine of the future. It is a noninvasive, reliable the award winning bioresonance medical device invented to make diagnostics and treatment simple. It provide diagnostics with incredible precision and accuracy of up 97%.

This machine isn’t everywhere. They are available at specific centres across the country for treament! For further information and treatment using Sensitiv Imago, use the email: services@advancedhealthsupport.com

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Topez Farms: empowering local farmers, transforming rural communities!

How comfortable are you eating Garri from unknown sources? Why is it that all of your food items are branded except Garri?

Do you know that some people use old fowl feed bags in transporting the Garri you eat? Do you care about the awful smell the month old stocked Garri emits? Here’s the solutions:

Buy from Topez Farms and enjoy the crispy, dry, longer shelf life premium Garri.
Contact us now: +234 902 943 1900; services@advancedhealthsupport.com

Few Effective Local Approach To Treatment

quick solution for low blood pressure
quick solution for malaria
quick solution for dry cough